Best Helmet Under 2000? [5 Options]

Helmets are the most important accessories/ gears that every motorcyclist should have. A good quality helmet can be life-saviour in the event of a crash. 

These days, you don't really have to shell out a lot of money to buy a good- quality helmet. Here are 5 helmets  you can buy under Rs 2000.


Vega Cruiser

Vega Cruiser is an ISI certified, open face helmet for both men and women. 

-Weight: 900 Grams -Material: Expanded Polystyrene / Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene / Plastic -Metallic Quick release buckle -Colour: Burgundy

Price: Rs 1004


Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator

This ISI certified full face helmet is available with a smoke visor.

-Weight: 1270 Grams -Material: High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell -Breathable Padding with Neck Protector -Colour: Black with Blue | Matte finish

Price: Rs 1,839


Steelbird Air Beast

Steelbird Air Beast ranks high in the best helmets under 2000 list. It is lightweight and gets a high impact ABS shell.

-Material: High Impact ABS shell -Micro-Metric Buckle -Better air-ventilation system

Price: Rs 1,663


Royal Enfield Open Face MLG Helmet

This compact, lightweight helmet from Royal Enfield is affordable and brilliant in quality levels. It comes with a high-strength visor.

-Long visor design -Weight: 1050 Grams

Price: Rs 1,890


Vega Bolt Bunny Black Neon

The Vega Bolt helmet boasts vivid graphics and is made of High-impact ABS. ISI and DOT certified, it has a silent buckle, washable padding, and visor, as well as great ventilation.

-Material: High Impact ABS  -Good ventilation system

Price: Rs 2,196