9 Tips To Keep Your Car's Engine Healthy

Taking care of your car engine will give you more more miles on the road and less maintenance. Here are 9 quick tips for keeping your engine healthy.

Engine oil is used to keep the engine components properly lubricated for more efficient functionality. So it should be changed or topped up regularly. Proper attention should be given for choosing the right engine oil for your vehicle

Drive on reserve fuel only in emergencies. Regular practice of reserve fuel driving causes residual junk from the fuel tank to get pumped into the engine.

Keep an eye for leaks from parts. This will help you to fix the issue before it's too late

Air filter provides sufficient amount of air to the engine for proper combustion. Make sure that the air filter is clean and in good condition. 

Belt plays an important role in the smooth functioning of the engine. Inspect for loose or damaged belts and change if necessary.

Ensure sufficient quantity of coolant. It helps in the proper dissipation of the engine heat.

'Check-engine-lights' could indicate engine troubles. Ignoring them could lead to serious damage.

Listen and check for any unusual sounds from the engine bay. 

Ensure checkup from a professional once in a while. Mechanics could spot possible vulnerabilities.