How To Increase Your Electric Scooter Range | 9 tips

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Electric scooter sales in the country has been at an all-time high for the past two years

Increasing fuel prices, low ownership and running costs and introduction of more innovative tech into these EVs are the main reasons behind the sales growth

Range of an electric scooter depends on several things. Let's take a look at some tips to increase the range of your scooter

Maintaining the OEM-prescribed tyre pressure is an important point to be remembered 

Avoid rapid accelerations and unnecessary sudden braking. 

Keep unnecessary electronics turned off. It will lower the energy consumption significantly

Batteries are prone to degradation with time. This will affect the range of the scooter. Keep an eye on the health your battery

Regular maintenance of the battery should be on your check list. A healthy battery means better range and better performance

Do some research before choosing the scooter. Make sure the chosen one suits your requirements. Keep in mind that the weight of the scooter impacts the range

Avoid overloading. Try to maintain the manufacturer prescribed capacity to achieve maximum efficiency

Use the proper charger to avoid damages to the battery. Make sure the charger you use matches the specifications of the battery

Utilize 'regen' system/ regenerative braking to increase the range of the vehicle