Electric Cars


Tata Motors is expected to launch the premium EV- Tata Avinya by 2025...

Latest news confirm that the Avinya will be based on JLR's modular EV platform- EMA.

Electrified Modular Architecture (EMA) is the next-gen BEV architecture from Jaguar Land Rover.

Announced in 2021, EMA platform will be used on the upcoming electric versions of Velar, Evoque and Discovery Sport.

Tata Motors will get access to EMA for a royalty fee, that includes the EV architecture, electric drive unit, battery pack and manufacturing know-hows.

The EMA platform is versatile and 'engineered around the battery'. This generates maximum cabin room. 

The platform can accommodate batteries of different sizes and chemistries.

The EMA architecture is claimed to support Software Over The Air (SOTA), Level 2+ autonomy and Feature Over The Air (FOTA) facilities.

It is expected to offer 5-star safety, high-efficiency packaging for the battery, battery management, and charging systems. It will also support ultrafast charging.

Using EMA will cut development costs and time of Avinya. It'd thus accelerate Tata's entry into the premium-EV space.

While EMA platforms will initially be manufactured at the JLR Halewood plant, those for the Avinya will be made in India.

An Engineering Services Agreement (ESA) between Tata Motors and JLR means that the production guise of Avinya will come cost-effective for a Tata customer.

Tata Avinya would not just be a car, but could spawn a series of electric vehicles in the future.

Tata Motors has plans of stepping into the global EV scene with the Avinya...