Top Facts About SpaceX Starship

The most powerful launch vehicle ever developed, the Starship rocket from Elon Musk's SpaceX is all set to make its debut uncrewed demonstration launch today from Boca Chica in Texas.

Here are some facts about the Starship.

The Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket is designed for reusable transportation. It stands almost 120m (400ft) high.

Most powerful launch vehicle ever 

SpaceX claims that the starship will have almost double the thrust of any rocket in history

Height - 119 m390 ft Diameter - 9 m30 ft Mass - 5,000 t / 11,000,000 lb

SpaceX Starship Dimensions

The first stage is capable of delivering around 75 meganewtons (about 16.8 Mn pounds of force) 

Starship will be capable of a 100,000 kg payload. The inaugural test flight is set to last for 90 minutes and will almost cover one trip around the globe.

Starship flights could cost as low as US$2 million per launch