TVS Ronin 225 Modified Into A Flat Tracker

TVS hosted MotoSoul 2023, a two day biking festival in Goa, where they showcased four customized versions of the Ronin along with a heavily modified unit.

TVS built a flat track racer out of the Ronin. What's a flat tracker? These are racing motorcycles on which racers maneuver their bikes as quickly as they can around a flat oval racetrack, leaning their them into the 180-degree turns.

The motorcycle is equipped with a longer travel suspension .

Gets a new set of tyres, while the front brakes are removed.

Engine remains the same, but comes with a remap to meet characteristics of a flat tracker.

A tail cowl has been installed in the place of the original rear section to reduce weight.

The front headlamp and instrument cluster have also been removed.

The TVS Ronin flat tracker gets a taller and wider handlebar .

As of now TVS has no plans to taking this into production and the TVS Ronin Flat Tracker remians a show-piece.

Stock TVS Ronin

TVS Ronin Flat Tracker

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