Ineos Fusilier Is An Electric Off-Roader That Looks 'Too Much G'!

The third product from Ineos is a tough-looking electric 4x4!

Ineos, known for building off-road vehicles like Grenadier and Quartermaster, has revealed its third product- an electic 4x4.

Called Ineos Fusilier, the new off-road EV is smaller than the other two vehicles.

The Fusilier resembles the legendary Mercedes G Wagon, with its exterior design.

More than that, it borrows a decent chunk from Grenadier in terms of design and persona, despite being smaller in size.

The exterior design has a higher focus on aerodynamic efficiency, compared to Grenadier.

Ineos Fusilier is available with two powertrains- a full-electric and one with a range extender.

Specifications and range figures of the all-electric powertrain are yet to surface.  The range extender version will have a small petrol engine to power a generator to charge the main battery. 

Fusilier's skateboard platform has been co-developed with Magna. 

Ineos will test this EV on the Austrian mountains, where Mercedes performs tests of all G Class models.