Kia K-Charge Initiative Launched, Offers Access To 1000+ Chargers Across India

Electric Mobility

The K-Charge services can be accessed through the 'My Kia' app.

To cater to EV owners, Kia Motors India has rolled out a new initiative- Kia K-Charge- an app-based feature that allows access to over 1000 chargers.

The K-Charge option can be accessed through the My Kia mobile application. 

Further, these services can be accessed by non-Kia customers, using the 'My Kia' app- an industry-first move!

K-Charge testifies Kia's commitment to addressing the range anxieties of Indian EV owners. 

Kia has partnered with 5 popular Charging Point Operators (CPOs) for realising the K-Charge initiative: - Statiq - ChargeZone - Relux Electric - Lion Charge - E-Fill charging

Interestingly, using Relux charging points will give Kia EV6 owners 3 months of free charging!

NumoCity Technologies- a leader in CMS services is responsible for the seamless integration of CPOs into the app.

Viewing and locating chargers inside the app is made possible by 'Map My India'.

Kia K-Charge lets the users discover chargers, check availability, locate them, and even pay through the application.

It eliminates the need of having to install and use multiple mobile applications to charge your EV.

Kia is actively working on incorporating more charging providers and chargers into the K-Charge program.