Toyota Urban SUV Concept Makes Global Debut

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Toyota has revealed a new electric midsize SUV concept at its annual Kenshiki forum in Brussels.

This near-production concept is based on Suzuki 27PL skateboard platform, that will also underpin the upcoming Maruti eVX.

Toyota Urban SUV shares a lot with the eVX- including exterior panels, certain design cues, interior trims and key mechanicals.

On the design front, however, the urban SUV follows Toyota's modern-day design direction. It borrows multiple cues from Toyota bz4x.

Key design highlights of Toyota Urban SUV include sleek LED headlamps, sealed-off nose,full-width LED strips, trapezoidal front bumper and connected LED tail lamps. 

The overall silhouette would hardly differentiate itself from that of the eVX. Both the SUVs have a lot in common- like squared-off wheel arches and receding roofline.

However, unlike its Maruti sibling, Toyota Urban SUV concept gets prominent roof rails.  

The Urban SUV concept's dimensions are: Length: 4,300mm Width: 1,820mm Height: 1,620mm Wheelbase: 2,700mm

To draw a quick comparison, both the urban SUV concept and eVX have the same length and wheelbase. The Maruti EV, however, is shorter in width and height.

Toyota's upcoming electric SUV's interior will have a lot in common with the eVX's cabin. We are not aware of the details though.

The Urban SUV will be based on the 27PL skateboard platform and could offer two battery options- with the larger one delivering up to 400+ km in range. FWD and AWD configurations are to be expected.

Toyota will soon launch a slew of electric SUVs in global markets. The Urban SUV will be launched in markets like Europe and Asia.  The production form will launch after the EVX debuts in 2024.