Some Key Tips On How Not To Charge Your Electric Vehicle?

The rise of electric vehicles in our world is a promising development towards a more sustainable future.

With growing concerns about environmental problems and rise in fuel prices, electric vehicles are gaining popularity as a cleaner alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

People are getting more used to EVs and aware of its benefits

Like any other automobile, EVs also need certain care. We'll look at some key tips that one needs to take care of when charging an EV

Try not to overcharge an electric vehicle. Maintain the charge just above 80% 

Similarly, never drain out the battery entirely. Start charging before it gets lower than 20%

Li-Io batteries are known to get extremely hot while the EV is at work. So try to give some time for the battery to cool down before charging it

Try to reduce the frequency of charging the vehicle. Frequent charging could impact battery health, affecting the range

If possible, park your EV in a garage or shaded area during extreme weather conditions. Extreme temperatures damages the Li-Io batteries

Keep the battery clean and dry. Make sure to clean the battery compartment regularly and avoid exposing the battery to water or other liquids, which can cause damage.

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Every EV battery is different, so it's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines