US Government Approves World’s First Flying Car- Alef Model A

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The era of flying cars begins...


Alef Aeronautics, a US-based company, has developed the world's first fully functional flying car- Alef Model A 

Alef flying car has now received FAA's Special Airworthiness Certification, becoming the first certified flying car in the US.

FAA is currently working on developing more and better regulations and policies for eVTOL vehicles and their interaction with ground infrastructure.

Alef Model A can drive like a car, perform vertical takeoff, and has a driving range of 200 miles and a flight range of up to 110 miles.

The Model A is priced at $300,000 and started presales in October 2022. Over 440 reservations were made that year.

Alef Aeronautics has been conducting test drives and test flights of their prototypes since 2019.

Production of Alef Model A is expected to start in Q4 of 2025.

Alef has plans to add more models to its flying car portfolio- including a four-person sedan Model Z. 

The sedan is expected to have a flying range of over 300 miles and a driving range of more than 200 miles.