7 MG Cars You Probably Didn't Know Were Special! 

In 2024, we are quite familiar with MG Cars and the brand at large. But did you know these MG models from the bygone years and why they are special?

K3 Magnette


The K3 Magnette is one of the most iconic MG cars of all times. It 1933, it won the Mille Miglia, one of the roughest races of the time. The Magnette K3 also became the first non-Italian moniker to win the 100cc class!

Photo: Peter Harholdt



MG TC was released after the close of World War 2. It was quite tech-packed for its time, and had many high-profile takers including the Duke of Edinburgh.

Photo: Whichcar

MG EX181


In 1957, MG EX181 set a world record for reaching 245.64 mph ( (396 kph). In 1959, MG broke its own record by clocking 254.9 mph (410 kph) at Bonneville Salt flats, piloted by Sir Stirling Moss. 

MGA 1500 


The MGA 1500 got a significant update in 1959, that gave it 6 more bhps. The result was a fast, fun car for its time, that soon rose to popularity.

MG Maestro


The Maestro came in as the 'more practical' successor of MG Metro. This good-looking five door hatchback was known for its perfomance and handling. 



Having made its global debut in 2014, MG GT is the first MG car to feature the 1.4L turbo engine that churns 156 hp and 235 Nm, EPS steering and a 7 speed dual-clutch transmission.



It was in 2015 that the manufacturer launched its first ever SUV- the MG GS in global markets. It had likeable value propositions and could go off-road.