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The $30M Rolls Royce Arcadia Droptail Could Be The World's Most Expensive Car!

Everything special about the newest one-off Rolls Royce roadster...


Rolls Royce has revealed its third coachbuilt roadster- Arcadia Droptail.

Arcadia refers to 'Heaven on Earth' in Greek mythology, and the bespoke two-seater is but the same!

Completely curated by the customer, the creation of the Arcadia Droptail took four years to complete.

RR Arcadia Droptail is based on a theme that neatly incorporates the wealthy customer's favourite world regions.

Singapore's tropical sky gardens and Britain's Biomimetic architecture have all inspired the creation of this roadster.

Arcadia's interior looks plush and exclusive. The car uses specially designed hardwood on its rear deck and throughout the interior.

Called Santos Straight Grain, this consists of 233 wood pieces carefully joined together.

The folks at Rolls developed a new protective lacquer to keep these trims safe for the vehicle's lifetime.

RR claims to have spent a total of 8000 hours on the wood sections alone.

The newest Rolls Droptail wears a White paint that comes infused with Aluminum and glass particles. The lower sections are painted in Silver.

Other key details include magnificent 22-inch wheels, elegant grille surrounds, etc.

The interior is covered in plush White and Tan leather. It also houses the most complex clock face that Rolls-Royce has ever made!

The raw metal clock face incorporates a geometric guilloché pattern with 119 faces. It took five months to create this masterpiece!

There is no official word yet on the powertrain. It could be the 593-hp, 6.7L V12 under the hood...

Rolls Royce hasn't revealed the price of Arcadia Droptail. It could cost well over $30 million, thereby becoming the world's most expensive car... 

Arcadia Droptail Price?