Kia Cars Offer The Lowest Maintenance Cost: Says Frost & Sullivan

The total cost of ownership is among the lowest for Kia cars...

In the most recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan India, Kia Seltos and Carens have been found to offer the lowest 'Total cost of ownership' in their segments.

Both the petrol and diesel variants of Kia Seltos and Carens offer the lowest maintenance expenses among rivals.

The maintenance cost of petrol Seltos is 17% lower than the segment's average.

The diesel Seltos shares the spot with a competitor in offering the lowest maintenance costs.

In Total cost of ownership (TCO), the Seltos closely follows the segment's top performers. The diesel variants have the second best TCO and petrol the third best in the space.

Maintenance cost of Kia Carens are 21% and 26% lower than the segment average for the petrol and diesel variants respectively.

The Diesel Carens also offers the lowest acquisition costs in its segment.

In December 2023, Frost & Sullivan had revealed the Sonet to have the best maintenance cost in the Compact SUV segment.

The petrol and diesel variants of Kia Sonet have maintenance costs that are 16% and 14% lower than the segment average.