Tesla Sales In China Fall By 17.8% In November

The biggest drop since December 2022...

Reports and data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) confirm that China's Tesla sales had a notable drop in November this year.

82,432 units of various Tesla EVs were sold during the span. This translates to a 17.8% YoY drop. 

Tesla sales in China had encountered a 21% decline in December 2022. 

Alarmed by the drop, Tesla had slashed prices back then. It remains to be seen how they will react to the November fall.

China is the world's largest automotive market. The demand for EVs is soaring here. 

While Tesla's numbers dropped, someone had a win as well. Chinese brand BYD achieved milestone sales and delivery numbers in November.

It sold 301,378 electric and petrol-electric hybrid passenger vehicles during the period- a 31% YoY growth.

The American EV giant is facing fierce competition from homegrown electric vehicle manufacturers in China...