New Range Of Uno Minda LED Blinkers For Two-Wheelers Launched In India

The price starts from Rs 211!

Uno Minda has launched its new range of LED blinkers for two-wheelers in India. The 2024 range of Uno Minda indicator lamps offers a wide range of combinations and options. They can be sleek, with a minimalistic colour or get more complex designs. These high-quality turn signal lights are available for both motorcycles and scooters.

Uno Minda’s new range of LED blinkers is claimed to offer superior functionality, great illumination and higher resistance to adverse weather conditions. These are also said to have more life-span than most aftermarket blinkers. Demand for aftermarket indicator lamps with fancy and more intricate designs have lately been on the rise in India. However, many of these fail to meet the desired levels of quality and functionality with the LEDs offering poor illumination, faulty blinking mechanisms or short lifespans. It is here that Uno Minda wishes to pitch their LED blinkers in, as the durable alternatives with strong performance.

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Image: Uno Minda Indicator lamps portfolio

The brand assures that these turn signal lamps have been made to meet all regulatory standards and adhere to all the latest norms. These are versatile, easy to install and very user-friendly. Further, Uno Minda has priced the new blinkers quite fairly. Available in most online and offline stores, Uno Minda LED blinkers are priced from Rs 211/- and come with a 1-year warranty coverage.

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