Kinetic Green Zulu Electric Scooter Launched In India

Kinetic Green Zulu scooter can be bought with a 'Battery as a Subscription' plan...

Kinetic is actively rebranding itself as an EV brand. It has now launched a new electric scooter for India- the Kinetic Green Zulu.

With an introductory ex-showroom price of Rs 94,990, the Zulu scooter is manufactured in India.

The Zulu scooter can be bought under a ‘Battery as subscription’ plan as well, which brings down the price by up to 35%.

Kinetic Green Zulu has a good-looking design. Key highlights include apron-mounted headlamp, LED DRLs, front storage space, single piece seat and large rear grab handles.

A total of six colours are available: Pixel White, Insta Orange, UTube Red, Black X, FB Blue and Cloud Grey.

It comes with features like a digital instrument cluster, USB charging port, auto power cut charger, boot light and a front storage space with bag hooks.

In dimensions, this electric scooter is 1830mm in length, 715mm wide, and 1135mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 1360mm and a practical ground clearance of 160 mm.

Zulu electric scooter is powered by a 2.27 kWh Li-ion battery mated to a 2.8 hp hub electric motor. It delivers a range of 104 km if ridden at 60 kph.

The scooter comes with a portable charger. It can be charged at the convenience of your home.

Kinetic Green debuts the futuristic “KG Ener-G” battery platform on the Zulu scooter.

KG Ener-G platform gets a patented Oil-Cooled Active Immersion Cooling Technology, that will ensure better thermal management.

It will also support ultra-fast charging. The scooter can then be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes, even with a 15 Amp socket.

Other notable powertrain components include a SMART BMS and an AI-based Battery Health Prediction System.

Kinetic Zulu scooter comes with a 5-year extended warranty on all key components, and can be bought on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon.