Luxury car sales in india scaling new heights!

Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and JLR post segment-high numbers...

Going by Q1 numbers, luxury car sales in India is on a steep climb up. Multiple luxury car brands have posted heartwarming numbers... 

Mercedes Benz continues to be the market leader, posting sales of 5412 vehicles in Q1. This marks a 15% growth and best quarter for the brand.

FY 23-24 sales for Mercedes translate to 10% growth. The E Class continues to be the brand's best seller.

SUVs comprise 60% of Mercedes sales and top-end vehicles form 25%. EV sales grew by 130% in Q1.

BMW hasn't revealed the exact sales numbers. It, however, sold 3680 units in Q1, translating to 51% growth. EV sales grew by 26%, with the i7 being a hot cake. 

The X7 was the best selling top-end BMW. Flagship sales grew by 152%. 

Thanks to the new X1, SUV sales are on a steep rise, growing by 62%. The 3 series continues to be the most popular BMW sedan.

FY 23-24 had Audi sales grow by 33%, with 7027 units being sold. Q1 sales amounted to 1046 units. Pre-owned sales (Audi-approved) grew by 25% in Q1.

JLR recorded 81% YoY growth, with the Defender in huge demand (grew by 120%). Range Rover sales grew by 160%.

Jaguar Land Rover posted its 'highest in five years' yearly sales of 4436 units. In Q1 alone, JLR sold 854 units (43% growth).