Yokohama Women On Wheels (WOW) Rally : A Celebration Of Motoring Lifestyle

Any women driver with a streetcar can participate in the rally

Yokohama Tyres is organising the Women On Wheels (WOW) rally to celebrate inclusivity and diversity for all the women driving enthusiasts in Bengaluru. Women On Wheels (WOW) is a rally in TSD ((Time, Speed, Distance)/treasure hunt format. Yokohama states that this is also a celebration of motoring lifestyle. Any women driver with a streetcar can participate in this event.

The rally goes through a scenic route with a stopover at a leading vineyard. The rally starts from Sheraton Whitefield and the rally spans over 100 km. The event will take place on Sunday, 21 May from 7.30 am to 6 pm. It’ll be followed by the prize distribution, in which a cash prize of Rs. 1.5 lakh will be awarded to the winner. The best themed car will also get prizes in the event. Visit the official event site for more information and slot reservations.

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