2023 Skoda Slavia Review: What It Feels Like To Have A Slavia 1.5 Automatic As Your Daily…

Is this the better engine?

Skoda Slavia is one of the four VW project India 2.0 cars and a very important product for the Czech brand in India. It further, is a genuine try at bringing the winds back to the sedan segment. The Slavia offers two engine choices- 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI.

While the smaller engine is often loved for being frugal, the 1.5 commands respect for the oomph it packs and for the product at large. We recently sampled a top-spec Slavia 1.5 TSI automatic extensively, driving it for hundreds of miles and through different road and traffic conditions.

skoda slavia 1.5 review


The Slavia is an extremely good-looking sedan. It’s got the proportions right. Key design highlights include prominent body lines, clean surfaces, a stylish front grille, dual exhausts, and good-looking lamps. At launch, it used to be nearly impossible to differentiate between the 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI on design grounds. However, in a recent update, Skoda has rolled out exclusive `1.5 TSI’ badges.

The sedan comes with a ground clearance of 179 mm. While this could make you raise your brows due to the ‘sporty’ impressions that the 1.5 Slavia manages to pull off, the high-standing nature doesn’t affect vehicle dynamics adversely.

Skoda Slavia interior

Interior And Features

The interior design and layout of the 1.5 Slavia are identical to the ones on the 1.0 TSI sedan. However, the sportier iteration gets a sportier cabin colorway. Key features include ventilated seats, an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen, a fully digital instrument cluster, premium audio by Skoda Sound, an electric sunroof, cruise control, and more.

2023 Skoda Slavia Review: What It Feels Like To Have A Slavia 1.5 Automatic As Your Daily... 1


Powering this sedan is a 1.5L, 4-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine that produces 148hp and 250 Nm. This can be had either with a 6-speed manual or a 7DCT gearbox. This combination suits the sporty persona of the ‘more desirable Slavia’.

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This engine features a cylinder deactivation tech, that conveniently shuts off two cylinders while coasting, thereby saving notable amounts of fuel. It could be surprising to note that the 1.5 Slavia feels as frugal as the 1.0L on highways, despite having a significantly better powertrain and performance. Expect 11-12 kpl on highway runs, should you choose to have an efficient foot!

Engine1.5 TSI, 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol
Transmission7DSG, 6MT
Power148 hp
Torque250 Nm
Mileage (Tested)11-12 kpl on highways
Table: Skoda Slavia 1.5 specifications
2023 Skoda Slavia Review: What It Feels Like To Have A Slavia 1.5 Automatic As Your Daily... 2


Skoda Slavia 1.5 excels in its performance. Getting to speeds is easy and fast. This 1.5 TSI loves to be revved hard. It feels fairly refined even at high spins. However, you sometimes get to feel the turbo lag at low spins. Does this ruin the experience? Well, no! All it does is to demand more frequent gear shifts on the manual! Choose the DSG and you’re nearly sorted!

The 7 DSG transmission offers quick shifts, feels precise, and is said to be more reliable than the VW DSGs of past times.

skoda slavia 1.5 review

Handling And Ride Quality

The Slavia 1.5 feels stable at high speeds, and despite our suspicions over its high riding stance, drives well around corners. You can chuck this into corners and still have that grin intact. You can carry speeds around turns! The steering feels direct as well.

2023 Skoda Slavia Review: What It Feels Like To Have A Slavia 1.5 Automatic As Your Daily... 3

The suspension strikes a balance between ride quality and dynamics. It is never too stiff nor too soft! City rides feel very comfortable, unlike what the sporty nature of the sedan might tend to suggest.

skoda slavia 1.5 review

Verdict: Who Should Buy This?

The Slavia 1.5 demands a sizeable price premium over the 1.0L car. Enthusiasts wouldn’t regret this spent, as this is one of the most entertaining sedans for the money, not to mention the fantastic space, the features, the large boot, and the top-notch driving dynamics that the Slavia brings to the table.

The 1.5 T SI is for the heart and a healthy wallet!

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skoda slavia 1.5 review