About Vroom Head

Vroom Head, as the name implies, is an automotive portal that packs the latest and the most exciting of content from the world of motoring. We have loads of news and trivia regarding cars, bikes, EVs, commercial vehicles, and what not! You would also find a bunch of curated, in-depth reviews and features, throwing better insights into your favourite cars or bikes. We strive to provide the best buying experience and unmatched vehicle and industry insights to our readers and fellow petrolheads.

Vroom Head is the brainchild of Neeraj Padmakumar, a passionate petrolhead and industry geek who had had over 6 years of experience in the automotive niche, at the time when he finally made his mind to get things going here. Neeraj had stepped into the motorscribing scene at the age of 19, and has over the course of time, worked with various local, national and international publications in the niche, The teachable, sharp and uncompromising auto geek was finally sure of having his own pub running, when he had had his detailed lessons on customer demands, industry trends, automotive business, vehicle assessment and a fair dose of mechanical engineering, done.

The brand had begun its journey in 2018 as a vernacular blog on cars, but was later transformed into a full-fledged English car site, taking into account the increasing calls for the same from our readers. Currently Vroom Head has two distinct iterations- Vroom Head India for India-spec news and reviews in English and Vroom Head Malayalam for the same in Malayalam. We also have a US edition with the global and US-spec car news, but is a lot less frequent in updations. 

At Vroom Head India, we aim at keeping you updated on the Indian motoring scene. Thus, we have in-depth coverages of cars, bikes, supercars, EVs, commercial vehicles, etc along with updates from within the auto and the associated industries, and of course a bit of motorsport as well. A small bunch of passionate petrolheads work together, groomed on an everyday basis by Ed Neeraj, to keep you served with the best of content possible. 

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