Mahindra Scorpio N: 25,000 Units Sold Out In Under A Minute!

1 lakh bookings for the new Scorpio in under 30 minutes

The new Mahindra Scorpio N has set a new record by amassing 1 lakh bookings in under 30 minutes. The booking portal went live at 11 am, on 30th July, 2022. In under a minute, the initial lot of 25,000 units was sold out. The super-attractive introductory prices applied to these 25000 units alone. The prices are expected to go up in the days ahead.

The 1 lakh units sold in 30 minutes essentially translates to a net ex-showroom value of Rs 18,000 crores (USD 2.3 billion). Mahindra would be prioritizing the deliveries of the Z8L variants. The vehicles would start reaching the customers in September. The carmaker has plans of delivering up to 20,000 units by December this year.

Even though the booking website handled the huge amount of traffic flawlessly, the payment gateway provider had a brief glitch, that caused a bit of confusion. However, Mahindra assures that this would not affect the customers.