Bajaj Freedom CNG Motorcycle Launched In India

The Bajaj CNG bike is available in 3 variants

Bajaj Auto has launched the world’s first CNG motorcycle in India. Called the Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG, the motorcycle is available in 3 variants. Priced from Rs 95000 ex-showroom, the Freedom 125 is available in 7 colour options. The range-topping variant costs 1.10 lakh, ex-showroom.

  • Claimed range of 330 km.
  • The bi-fuel powertrain produces 9.5 hp and 9.7 Nm.
  • 7 colours available.
  • Three variants available.

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG has a minimalist-yet-rugged design. It gets a full LED- headlamp, LED tail light, halogen indicators, monochrome LCD instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, and two different fuel tanks.

Bajaj Freedom CNG Motorcycle Launched In India 1

Specifications And Engine

The powertrain here is a 125cc horizontally mounted single-cylinder engine that runs on both CNG and petrol. It can churn out 9.5 hp and 9.7 Nm. The rider also gets to switch fuels on the go by flipping a switch located on the left side of the handlebar.

The Bajaj Freedom 125 gets a 2L petrol tank and 2 kg CNG tank that sits under the seat. The CNG tank is securely placed inside a trellis frame for optimum safety and weighs 18 kilograms when full. Bajaj claims a mileage of 102km per kg for CNG and 65kpl for petrol. The combined range here is thus 330 km.

The motorcycle weighs 149 kg, 18 kg more than the CT 125X. The seat height is 825 mm and at 785mm, the seat itself is quite long. The motorcycle gets telescopic forks at the front and a linked rear mono-shock.

Bajaj Freedom CNG Motorcycle Launched In India 2

Is Bajaj CNG Bike Safe?

The question is valid, considering how risky it is to have a CNG powertrain. Bajaj has done their best to ensure the safety of this motorcycle. The rider sits directly on the top of the CNG tank. To ensure safety, various protective cages, including the strong trellis frame have been provided. The manufacturer claims the vehicle to have passed 11 different tests, including various impact and crash tests. Bajaj even displayed the video of a truck driving over the motorcycle, without bursting it into flames.

Variants, Colours, Bookings And Export Plans

The Bajaj CNG bike is available in 3 variants- Drum, Drum LED and Disc LED. The seven dual-tone colours are divided among these. Bookings are now open for the motorcycle and deliveries will begin soon. Bajaj also has plans to export this product to countries like Egypt, Tanzania, Columbia, Peru, Bangladesh and Indonesia.