BMW G 310 RR Vs TVS Apache RR 310: Hand Picking The Changes!

We compare the on-paper specifications of Apache RR 310 and BMW G310RR…

BMW had recently launched the Bavarian rendition of the Apache RR310, making it 20,000 INR more expensive than the TVS. This particular launch got a lot of public attention. “The new bike is essentially a re-badged TVS RR 310” is a popular comment that has been trending on the internet ever since its debut. Well, here is what we have to say about this …

Yes, The new BMW G 310RR is essentially a TVS Apache RR 310 in its form and function. Both bikes look nearly the same save for some decal differences and host a lot of identical components as well. Both are powered by the same engine and produce the same power outputs too. They have selectable ride modes which alter and improve ride and tractabilities: Track mode produces 25 kW (34 PS) @ 9,700 rpm and 19 kW (25.8 PS) @ 7,700 rpm can be had in Rain/Urban modes, with varying ABS sensitivities.

The G310RR stands distinct from the Apache RR 310 in its decals, paint schemes and gets the much-desired ‘BMW badge’. It is offered in two colour schemes: Cosmic Black- a dashing black paint with appealing body graphics mimicking the S1000RR. The top-spec variant gets a much more desirable Style Sport colourway hosting a white paint with signature BMW MSport livery. This variant is 14,000 INR dearer than the Black colourway.

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On the features front, even the TFT instrument cluster remains the same on both motorcycles, but do get distinct graphics and visuals inside. There is, however, no Bluetooth-based connectivity suite on the BMW G310 RR.

2022 BMW G310 RR Black
2022 BMW G310 RR Black

There are a few important mechanical differences between the TVS and BMW renditions of the 310 sports bike. The G310 RR comes with Michelin Pilot Street radials that were used on the first-gen RR310. However, these weren’t the best in terms of grip offered. The outgoing motorcycle, however, is shod with Michelin Road 5 rubber which is significantly better in grip and high-speed performance. Further, TVS Apache RR310 BTO offers a fully adjustable suspension at both ends, which goes completely missing on the BMW! Also, the Bavarian doesn’t get petal discs for the front brake.

Having said these, should you be paying 20,000 INR more for an entry-level BMW sports bike? Well, the manufacturer wants the premium purchase-ownership experiences and the luxury brand image to carry the weight of the price tag. BMW pitches this motorcycle as a gateway to the BMW Motorrad lifestyle. Dedicated BMW ride programs and track days could also roll out in the time ahead. Additionally, the G310 RR offers you warranty for 3 years and unlimited kilometres. What we should also be talking about here, is the sales and touchpoint networks. TVS being a mass-market motorcycle major, has much larger retailer and touchpoint networks across the country. BMW Motorrad, however, has a smaller and rather curated network. The spares and labour would also be more expensive than the TVS’s.

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