Cummins Group Unveils First Fuel-Agnostic Platform At Auto Expo

Cummins pushes for ample sustainability…

Leading power solutions technology provider Cummins Group unveiled the first fuel-agnostic platform for commercial vehicles and the brand’s diverse range of hydrogen tech-based power solutions at the 2023 Auto Expo.

The new fuel-agnostic platform will reduce carbon emissions by allowing vehicles to operate on low to zero-carbon fuels using conventional internal combustion engine technology. The company also announced its Destination ZeroTM strategy by introducing low-zero emission products aimed at decarbonisation.

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Destination ZeroTM is part of Cummins’ broader ‘PLANET 2050 environmental sustainability’ strategy. This is focused on improving the communities in Cummins’ operating environment, and the usage of natural resources in the most responsible manner. The new fuel-agnostic platform is part of its commitment towards achieving carbon neutrality in India.

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Cummins fuel-agnostic platform concept was demonstrated at the event through the following:

  • Move to Zero Carbon Fuel (Innovation in ICE Technology – Fuel Agnostic Platform). Hydrogen ICE engine (B6.7H engine)
  • Immediate Shift to Low-Carbon Technology. Natural Gas ICE engine (CNG, LNG, Bio-CNG)
  • Switch to the latest generation Diesel Technology. Advanced Diesel (B6.7 Diesel / Bio-Diesel)
  • Innovative Zero-Emission Solutions. Electrolyzer (for Green H2 generation)
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • Battery-Electric Technology (Battery-LFP and NMC)
  • Electric Powertrain Technology (14Xe e-Powertrain)

Cummins also presented a hydrogen-powered truck, but it’s not expected to make a launch in the foreseeable future.