RS Chrono Watch: Everything To Know About It [And Coupon Code To Buy Online]

Here’s everything to know about RS Chrono wheel watch…

A recent trend in the online shopping space is the ‘RS Chrono watch’- a stylish, automotive-themed timepiece which can be the perfect gift for car enthusiasts. Although labelled a luxury watch, this product isn’t too expensive and delivers ample value for its price.

If you are planning to buy one of these online, this article will give you all the details such as specifications, options, pros and cons, buying instructions and more. Furthermore, we’ll also give you an exclusive shopping link and promo code which can get you discounts of up to 10% on your RS Chrono watch purchase.

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RS Chrono watch

RS Chrono Watch: What Is It?

Let’s put things into perspective. ‘RS Chrono’ sounds as fancy as obvious it gets about being a ‘car guy thing’. These watches get dials that look like miniatures of popular sportscar wheels. These are simple, analogue timepieces employing the Quartz movement mechanism. The catch, however, is the attention to detail and craftsmanship involved in the dial design, which we will discuss later in this article.

RS Chrono’s portfolio has watches based on many iconic wheel designs. Most of these are instantly recognizable among enthusiasts, like the ‘Nismo R35 Gyro’ which mimics the iconic R35 wheels, or the ‘Vorsprung RS7 Gyro’ which is inspired by the Audi RS7.

Types Of RS Chrono Watches

The brand offers a wide range of models and options to choose from. Broadly, RS Chrono watches can be grouped under two headings: Gyro and Non-Gyro. ‘Gyro’ models offer a unique spinning feature for the dial, which adorably mimics the actual spinning of car wheels. Non-Gyro models do not do this. Furthermore, RS Chrono offers both leather bands and metal straps on their wheel watches.

The exciting part about RS Chrono is the degree of customisation it serves the buyer with. This not-so-expensive luxury watch brand lets you ‘Build Your Watch‘! You can play around with things like the models (wheel designs), calliper colours, Strap type, and even the colour of the stitching on the leather band. Prefer a weird colour combination? Yes you can as well!

RS Chrono Watch: Everything To Know About It [And Coupon Code To Buy Online] 1

RS Chrono Watch: Box Contents

RS Chrono watches come with neat, good-quality packaging. Each box would have the following as its contents:

  • Watch
  • User Manual
  • Microfibre cloth for cleaning
  • Adjustment Tool

RS Chrono Collections

While these may be subject to availability, the RS Chrono website lists six series or collections of gyro watches, inspired by six different car/performance brands. These Are:

  1. Speedtail (McLaren 765 Wheels)
  2. Nismo (R35 Skyline Wheels)
  3. Bayer (BMW wheels)
  4. Petronas (Mercedes AMG wheels)
  5. Vorsprung (Audi RS wheels)
  6. Shelby (GT500 wheels)

The calliper colour and strap type can be customised.

RS Chrono watch Audi

RS Chrono Specifications And Highlights

The major highlights of RS Chrono watches include:

  • 43mm Dial
  • Titanium Carbide Case
  • Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement
  • 3ATM / 30M Water Resistance
  • Embossed Metal Internals

RS Chrono Watch Price In India And Coupon Code

RS Chrono’s website lists all the models available along with their prices. While it quotes around Rs 12,300 on most watches, there are various offers and discounts available almost all the time. At the time of writing this article, RS Chrono has the Black Friday sale live, which slashes these prices by a whopping 50%.

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RS Chrono gyro watches are now priced at Rs 6,200. Further, by using our promo code or when buying through our link, you get to enjoy an additional 10% off on your buy!

In case you miss the Black Friday sale for some reason, prices would still be around Rs 8,000. Additional customs duties would apply before you can get the product delivered.

Sale Price (Shown/suggested by website)Shipping Cost
Usual Price (Shown/suggested by website)Shipping Cost
Table: RS Chrono sale price in India vs regular price

Without a second thought, capitalising on the Black Friday sale is the best option, if you are looking to buy one of these watches. In any case, using our link or promo code will earn you an additional 10% discount!

RS Chrono Watch: Everything To Know About It [And Coupon Code To Buy Online] 2

RS Chrono Pros And Cons

Let us begin with the good sides of this product. Below are all the things we like about these.

  • The watch looks brilliant. The colour combinations and stitching on the leather straps, all look great.
  • The dials do justice to the respective wheel designs. No missed proportions or awkward details.
  • The attention to detail and craftsmanship involved are brilliant. To quote an example, the watch face comes with drilled disc brakes!

Now, here are some of the disadvantages and vulnerabilities:

  • RS Chrono watches cannot survive falls or similar impacts, as reported by users.
  • Though there is a 30-day return policy, the customer would have to pay for this return shipping.

Shipping, Warranty And Return Policy

The brand’s website says that there is a 2-year warranty on all products sold. These would be based on the date embossed on the watch case. Further, there are 30-day return and refund policies too. However, the shipping cost on returns seems to be on the buyer.

Shipping is paid for by the manufacturer, on newly bought products. Their website says that an order from India will be fulfilled in 5-14 business days, with free shipping. RS Chrono has their fulfilment centres in the US, UK, Europe & Asia. Check out their shipping page for more data on these.

Tracking and insurance are available for all products. The tracking link will be sent to the customer within 3 business days of the purchase.

An Important Heads Up!

Is RS Chrono a scam? Most people ask this question when their order is delayed or gets stuck at the airport due to customs clearance issues. This is because these orders would sometimes need you to pay additional duties, outside of the quoted price. It could be somewhere around Rs 2000. International shipping can cause slightly longer delivery spans as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RS Chrono legit in India?

RS Chrono can be trusted for being a stylish automotive themed timepiece and an accessory that is worth your money. The brand's website states the possibility of counterfeits and first copies and advices the user to carefully examine the dial and detailing it packs. RS Chrono watches, as we discussed here, excel with their attention to detail. Other things to look for are the custom engraved stainless steel backplate and Sapphire Crystal interior.

Is RS Chrono a good brand?

RS Chrono's website has a detailed brand story published. While there are as many reasons to be convinced by this as there are to disbelieve it, the branding doesn't matter much. The product quality is fairly good for the price, and most of the existing customers seem to be happy with the ownership- as suggested by various forums and community chats.

What brand is the RS7 watch?

The RS7 watch is an automotive-themed gyro watch sold by the brand RS Chrono. It is called 'Vorsprung RS7 Gyro'. The dial looks like the wheels of Audi RS7, with a number of brake calliper colours to choose from- Yellow, Green, Red. Both metallic and leather straps are available.

Which brand makes Nismo R35 watch?

'RS Chrono' has a Nismo R35 themed alloy watch on sale. Called 'Nismo R35 Gyro series', the dials of these watches look like the wheels of Nissan R35 Nismo. Brake callipers here, come finished in Orange.

What is the best RS Chrono discount code ?

If you are planning to buy an RS Chrono watch, one of the best discount codes would be 'VROOMHEAD'. This will give you 10% discount on all RS Chrono models.

What is the return policy for RS Chrono?

RS Chrono has a 30 day return or exchange policy on all purchases.

Which brand makes Mclaren Wheel watches?

While there could be more premium/luxurious options available, RS Chrono has one of the most affordable McLaren-themed watches on sale. RS Chrono Speedtail 765 Gyro collection has dials that look like the wheels of McLaren 765. Both leather and metal straps are available.

Where can I buy RS Chrono watches in India?

Currently, RS Chrono watches can be bought through the brand's official website. Shipping to India and other countries/regions are available. There are no plysical sales available for this product. You can use the website and our coupon code for availing attractive offers and discounts.

How can i buy a wheel watch in India?

RS Chrono has some of the best looking spinning wheel watches on sale in India. These are not available on major e commerce platforms and can be bought straight through the RS Chrono website.

Is rs chrono available in India?

Yes, RS Chrono watches are available in India, and can be bought through the manufacturer's website. Orders will be fulfilled in 5-14 days.

Is RS Chrono waterproof?

The manufacturer claims RS Chrono wheel watches to offer upto 3 ATM/ 30 M of water resistance.

Is RS Chrono available on Amazon?

RS Chrono watches are not available on Amazon app. However, they can be bought from the official RS Chrono website. Shipping will be paid for by the manufacturer.

Visit the RS Chrono website to book your favourite wheel watch! Happy shopping…

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