Jaguar Land Rover Chooses Wolfspeed For Semiconductor Supply

Wolfspeed’s semiconductors could dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of JLR EVs

Jaguar Land Rover has announced a new partnership that could be of key significance in its EV game for the days ahead. JLR has joined hands with North Carolina-based Wolfspeed for an uncompromised supply of Silicon Carbide semiconductor tech for use in Jaguar and Land Rover EVs. Silicon Carbide semiconductors will be used in the vehicle inverters to extract better performance and efficiency from the EV powertrains. These will manage and optimize the transfer of power between the battery and the motor.

Like many others, this tech too has its roots in Motorsport. Jaguar TCS Racing team has been using Wolfspeed-sourced Silicon Carbide in its Formula E race car for optimum performance-efficiency balance. On road cars, however, these semiconductors are expected to bring about dramatic improvements in real-world range figures and overall powertrain efficiency. JLR will use these semiconductors in both Jaguar and Land Rover EVs. The first Range Rover EV with these will roll out in 2024, and the Jaguars will follow later.

Wolfspeed is a well-known player in the electronics niche and their tech supports EV propulsion systems across wide voltage bands- 400V to 800V. Silicon Carbide semiconductors will be manufactured at Wolfpeed’s facility in Marcy, New York- the largest 200mm Silicon Carbide fabrication facility in the world. JLR had previously announced another major tech partnership- with NVIDIA for AI-based software solutions.