Feature: Rajesh And His Vintage Car Collection [RR Vintage Cars]

Heard of the first taxi in South India? This classic car collection has it and moreā€¦

Text and Photos: Pranav P Nair

The RR Vintage & Classics garage in Palakkad, Kerala has become the talk of the town and is a symbol of Rajesh Ambal, Vice president of the Historical Cars Association of India’s deep-rooted passion for automobiles.

RR Vintage cars garage has become one of the very few authentic restoration workshops in India where classic and vintage cars get restored to full glory, even from rusting, abandoned forms!

“This process of restoration is not merely a work but a passion from heart and we take care of the vehicles that reach us like our own kids, and when the real owners come to take it back, we bid an emotional goodbye” says his wife Ramya.

Feature: Rajesh And His Vintage Car Collection [RR Vintage Cars] 1

RR Vintage & Classic Garages, Palakkad | Key Highlights

Rajesh’s collection is a testament to his passion for classics and vintage vehicles. His garage is home to the first taxi of South India, a Chevy Master Deluxe that once ferried India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, a 96-year-old Fiat Spyder that will, Ford Model A, Contessa and more.

The Contessa was the first car that his father gifted Rajesh during his college days and has a fascinating and extraordinary story entailed. The car was once sold off by his father and scrapped into pieces. Later, Rajesh rebuilt it and brought it back home with the help of a donor car.

Feature: Rajesh And His Vintage Car Collection [RR Vintage Cars] 2

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The A-Model Ford in the RR garage has a ‘mother-in-law’ aka kids seat. Now that’s something to ponder upon! Mr. Rajesh began his restoration journey in 1995 by restoring a vintage Morris and took a year to bring it back to its original form. He then took it to Ooty where it suffered a minor breakdown. Rajesh and his wife spent more hours to get it perfected.

“The original owner of the Morris was delighted to see her in this condition!!” says Rajesh. He has also worked on a World War 2 Ford Jeep (aka Willys), a luxury Vauxhall Westminster and the only vintage auto.

RR Vintage Cars collection

Rajesh also has a large collection of scale models and diecast cars, vintage handmade tin models and modern die-cast ones. A two-year railway scale model project is also underway consisting of locomotives, mountains, rail passes, tracks and more. RR Garage also owns one of the oldest bicycles in the world. This is a highly recommended place for those who love automobiles and scale models. You won’t regret paying a visit!