Skoda Octavia Could Be Assembled In India

Skoda reportedly evaluating bringing the Octavia RS to India

There are rumours of a possible return of the Skoda Octavia to Indian soil. Reports suggest that Skoda could bring the fourth-generation Octavia to India in the time ahead. Autocar reports Petr Janeba, the brand director for Skoda India, to have hinted that there might even be plans to assemble the sedan locally.

Fourth Gen Skoda Octavia Could Be Assembled In India

“We are exploring the Octavia for India because this car must come back. This could exactly be up to Rs 30 lakh, where we currently have no offering,”

Petr Janeba, Brand director for Skoda India

However, he hasn’t given any clue as to when the Octavia will hit the Indian market. Right now, Skoda assembles the Kodiaq here, whose next-gen is slated for launch in Q2, 2025. Expect the Octavia only after this. Preparing a car for local assembly usually takes 12-18 months. The manufacturer would also need to test it extensively and make it comply with emission standards.

“As a parts and components car, the Kodiak is already decided. It will come in between April and June next year. The next parts and components consideration is the Octavia,”


Adding more to anticipations, Skoda India is expected to assemble the Octavia RS locally. Globally, the sedan comes with 1.5-litre, 2.0-litre petrol and 2.0-litre diesel engines. However, it would just be the petrol that would be coming to India. The fourth-generation Octavia had received a midlife facelift in February this year.

skoda octavia

The Skoda Octavia RS, courtesy of its 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine, can produce 265hp and comes with a 7DSG transmission.

Skoda Superb To Continue As An Import

Skoda currently offers the third-generation Superb in India as a full CBU import. The sedan thus has a hefty price tag around its neck. The fourth-generation Superb could also stay as a completely imported model. This could mean it to make an earlier entrance than the Octy.

“There is a new Superb coming, and the decision is that it will still be a CBU [completely built unit]. It will never be a parts and components assembly,”  says Janeba. The Bratislava factory, where the Superb is made, can’t produce kits for a single RHD market. Forcing the same would be a bad financial decision for the brand.