Uno Minda Rear View Mirrors Launched For 4-Wheelers | Quick Details

Here is everything to know …

Uno Minda launches its new range of rearview mirrors for four-wheelers in India. The new RVM lineup consists of various models/ designs that would suit different cars and SUVs. These products are claimed to offer good clarity, enhance rear visibility and in turn, improve vehicle safety. Navigating through traffic, parking, and manoeuvring in tight spaces will all be made easy with these aftermarket mirrors.

Uno Minda rearview mirrors come with shatterproof, high-quality convex glass for added safety and practicality. These are manufactured adhering to all recommended standards, and are compatible with most automotive models. The Uno Minda range of 4 Wheeler Rear View Mirrors are priced from Rs 199/- and can be bought online and via offline stores. 

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