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BMW SkyTop Concept Looks LIke An 8 Series Targa !

The SkyTop seems to have drawn inspirations from the Z8 and the 503

BMW has revealed something drool-worthy at Villa d'Este- the SkyTop concept.

It is a two-seater coupe with a Targa top and draws clear design cues from the 8 series.

BMW claims its design to have been influenced by iconic models like the Z8 and 503.

In its design, the SkyTop has connections to the Z8- thin tail lamps, Sharknose front end etc.

The headlamps, sculpted hood, and flat-decked rear have to do with the BMW 503 from late 50s.

In a different perspective, the Skytop is a repackaged 8 series, with comparable proportions and the M8-sourced 4.4L V8.

Little is known about the mechanicals- engine output, transmission, possible AWD tech etc.

On the inside, the design, layout and many of the materials used would resemble the M8. Feels like they've lifted the dashboard straight off the M8 Competition.

The interior gets familiar dials, infotainment system, center stack and gear selector.

BMW SkyTop concept also has production-like seats, upholstery, steering wheel and interior trims.

Being a Targa, it gets bespoke roll bars behind the seats and power retractable windows.

The two-piece Targa roof is retracted manually and can be stored inside the trunk.

The SkyTop vision looks cool. But will it make it into production? Especially considering the 8 series already has a coupe and convertible on sale?