Ola Electric Patents Removable Battery Tech

Upcoming Ola scooters and bikes could feature removable battery tech...


Ola electric seems to have secured a patent for removable electric battery tech.

Upcoming electric scooters and motorcycles from Ola would benefit from removable battery technology.

Sources suggest that these might not be limited to 2-wheelers alone. The company might foray into making electric three wheelers as well.

Debuting a removable battery pack is in fact, not so difficult for Ola. The manufacturer had acquired Dutch EV start-up Etergo, earlier in time.

The Ola scooter is in fact, based on the Etergo AppScooter, which originally had removable battery packs in the global market.

In the Indian debut, however, Ola Electric chose to go with a fixed battery back for the S1 series.

Having gained experience, expertise and brand authority, Ola now seems to be confident enough to bring removable battery technology to Indian shores.

Available data does not confirm which vehicle types the new technology would apply to . We suspect the brand to introduce electric rickshaws, motorcycles and maybe even Cars in the upcoming years.

The introduction of removable battery technology could give Ola Electric an upper hand over its rivals . Currently, it is just the Hero Vida that has this technology available.