Euro Spec Renault Kwid EV (Dacia Spring) Scores 1 Star Rating In Euro NCAP Crash Tests

All-electric Renault Kwid had made its debut last month in Europe

Euro-spec Renault Kwid EV debased EV safety by scoring a single-star safety rating in Euro NCAP crash tests. Renault’s most affordable electric car- Dacia Spring (That’s what Renault Kwid EV is called in Europe) had debuted last October in two variants — Comfort and Comfort Plus.

The model opted for the crash test weighed 970 Kgs, had dual front airbags, side head airbag, side chest airbag for driver and co-driver.

An NCAP statement says, “in the frontal offset test, dummies’ legs were high, indicating poor protection. Structures in the dashboard also posed a threat as it could injure occupants of different sizes and to those sitting in different positions.”,

Dacia Spring failed to offer protection to driver dummy’s chest, pelvis, states Euro NCAP’s media statement, while also calling the car a “benign crash partner to other vehicles”

The full-width rigid barrier test exposed the poor protection that the rear-seat passengers get, the head of the passenger had moved forward. The chest protection on offer for the rear-seat occupant was marginal. The car fared poorly in side impacts too. But the damage caused by a rear-end Collison was much lower. Also, Kwid EV doesn’t come with a multi-collision braking system. If you might remember, made in India Renault Kwid for South Africa, the ICE counterpart, had scored a 2-star rating in GNCAP tests.

Euro NCAP tests for Dacia Spring: Watch It Here

Dacia Spring (Renault Kwid EV) What Is It?

Launched as an urban electric car, Dacia Spring is 3.37 meters in length, 1.57 meters wide, 1.48 meters tall, and has a wheelbase of 2.4 meters. It has 151 millimeters of ground clearance too. Both variants can deliver 45 HP and 125 Nm. With a top speed of 125 Kmph, the car has a claimed range of 305 km in the city. An AC charger could replenish the charge in 4 hours while a DC charger would only require 30 minutes to charge the batteries from 30 to 80 percent.

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