New Royal Enfield Classic 350 Recalled Over Brake Reaction Bracket Issue

Over 26K units of the new Classic 350 have been affected by the recall

Royal Enfield has issued a recall for as many as 26,300 units of the 2021 Classic 350, over brake reaction bracket issues. The recall applies specifically to the bikes manufactured between September 1, 2021, and December 5, 2021, and with a single-channel ABS and rear drums.

Explaining The Issue:

The brake reaction bracket attached to the swing arm is what has raised the concern now. These, used specifically on the single-channel ABS-equipped rear drum versions of Classic 350 proved faulty or weak under specific conditions. When applying an exceptionally high braking load on the rear pedal, the reaction brackets were damaged. This obviously led to the deterioration of braking efficiency along with generating extensive noise in the braking process.

Taking into consideration the critical nature of the issue and the potential hazards it could cause to the rider, Royal Enfield proactively issued the recall, for 26,300 units of the new Classic 350.

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Royal Enfield’s authorized service teams and dealerships would reach out to customers owning affected motorcycles (based on Vehicle Identification Number/VIN) and will get these fixed without much delay or financial involvement. Owners can also call reach out to 1800 210 007 to check the status of their Classic 350s and get them verified regarding this.

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