2021 Yamaha Fascino 125 Mileage Test: We Got 82 kpl!

Don’t raise your brows now, we’ve made sure that the results are real-world, and not just fancy highway figures!

In an initiative organized by Yamaha Motor India, we put the all-new Fascino 125 Fi to some rigorous fuel efficiency tests and were quite impressed by the results. The event had 10 customers of the 125 cc scooter, line up for an efficiency test run throughout 33 kilometers.

The prescribed route consisted mostly of highway stretches and really short stints of slow-paced city runs. It had just two traffic junctions en route, essentially translating to strict control over possible fuel overuse. But does a traffic junction mean fuel overuse to the Fascino? No! More about that in a while…

The program involved riding the scooter over a 16 km stretch twice, accounting for a 33 km roundtrip, with the most efficient rider behaviour, aiming to milk out the maximum possible mileage figures. As the results go, the highest figure clocked was around 89 kpl, followed by 85 kpl and 84 kpl.

These Fascinos however, differed in their age, and Odo figures, and as it turns out, the one with the biggest Odo numbers returned the max mileage! All three ‘efficiency-topping’ customers, in a later talk session with us, confessed that they enjoy similar efficiency figures in their daily runs as well.


We hate it when ‘But’ comes in most contexts, but hold on! The ‘mostly-highway’ nature of the set course did make us dubious! We wanted our results to be more close-to-reality and context-credible. Thus, on our return run through the given course, we took a slight detour!

The course now spanned around 41 kilometres, an increase of over 8 kilometres from the one originally provided, and packed many more real-life riding stints. Now, there were more urban kilometres to be munched, 4 additional traffic junctions to be crossed, and much more traffic to be tackled than the previous route.

2021 yamaha fascino 125 fi mileage test

How It Went…

The BS6 Fascino 125 Fi undoubtedly has a great engine. We’re not talking about the output figures as such. 8.2hp and 9.7 Nm are no mammoths in the 125cc space. But the refinement and the composure in overall NVH levels on offer here are phenomenal. You could even call this the smoothest 125cc mill in business currently.

It feels as smooth while accelerating hard, as it is at low revs. But forget the acceleration part for now as we are on a mileage test! Starting with the tank filled to its brim, we implemented a highly efficient riding behavior throughout the course.

In the first half, which was mostly less-populated highways, we had a very enjoyable ride, with no hard acceleration or absurd braking, but a relaxed, smooth throttle facilitating maximum combustion efficiency. Our speed mostly stood in the 50-60 kph range and the engine in its comfort zone. We should have had the maximum efficiency in this stretch.

The second half of the course was the trickiest. With the detour in place, the net distance to be covered was now up by 8 km. Ahead were mostly densely populated city patches. We had to be careful with the throttle, juice out just the right amount of torque needed to get the job done and be wise with the brakes in maintaining the momentum.

Yes, handsome waits ought to happen at the Red lights, which would have burnt fair amounts of fuel if it were not for the Fascino’s Engine Start/stop tech, which always keeps things under control.

automatic start/stop switch on 2021 yamaha fascino 125
Automatic start/stop switch on the Fascino 125 fi

The Engine Start/stop tech is almost like the ones you find on modern-day cars. It turns the vehicle off while idling (for more than 5-ish seconds I guess!) until when a throttle input restarts it again. The overall efficiency is quite likeable. It does save you some fuel in slow-moving traffic scenarios.

The only thing worth mentioning here would be that there is a slight delay (of around a second or so) between the throttle inputs and the actual vehicle start-up. This shouldn’t be a problem in most cases, but yes, there is a button to turn off the start/stop, should you get too concerned!

And The Results!

Keeping the efficient rider behaviour constant throughout our course of 41 kilometres over varying road/traffic scenarios, we completed the tests and returned to some simple Math and interesting results. Our overall mileage figures stood at 81.6 kpl, or let’s say 82 kpl!

Yes, this could be surprising for many, as the Fascino 125, despite topping the segment’s mileage chart, is mostly quoted to deliver around 68 kpl. However, it is hard to dismiss our figures as we witnessed the entire fuelling process, took part in the Math, and in the execution of the road test!

2021 yamaha fascino 125 fi mileage test

A Bit More About Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi

Yamaha has built the Fascino 125 Fi on a new platform and the powerplant too is a new, in-house developed unit. The new chassis has made this one of the lightest in its segment, with a net weight of just 99 kilos! This further gives it a pronounced upper hand in performance, with the interesting power-to-weight ratio of  82.82hp/tonne.

Don’t believe us? Just throttle one! It is almost as quick as the Suzuki Access 125 which has an upper hand of just 0.33 seconds over the Yamaha! The braking also feels decent in most cases.

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