2023 Honda HNess CB350 And CB350RS Launched!

Lesser emissions and more personalisation opportunities!

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has launched the 2023 H’Ness CB350 and CB350RS motorcycles in India. The CB350 duo is now OBD-2 compliant and meets the latest emission norms that are set to kick in on April 1, 2023. Expect the deliveries to start by the end of March 2023. The table below gives a detailed look at the 2023 CB350 and CB350RS variants and prices.

VariantPrices (ex-showroom, Delhi)
H’Ness CB350 (DLX)Rs.  209,857
H’Ness CB350 (DLX Pro)Rs. 212,856
H’Ness CB350 (DLX Pro Chrome)Rs. 214,856
CB350RS (DLX)Rs. 214,856
CB350RS (DLX Pro)Rs. 217,857
CB350RS (DLX Pro Dual-Tone)Rs. 217,857
Table: 2023 Honda CB350 and CB350 RS price and variants
2023 Honda CB 350

The H’Ness CB350 and CB350RS come equipped with the same 350cc single-cylinder engine as before. It is capable of producing 21 bhp at 5,500 rpm and has a maximum torque of 30 Nm at 3,000 rpm. Additionally, both motorcycles retain the familiar 5-speed gearbox, known for its smooth and precise shifts.

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2023 Honda CB 350

To add to the excitement, Honda has also rolled out 6 custom accessory packs for the CB350 series, four for the H’Ness CB350 and two for the CB350RS. These provide customers with more personalisation options to choose from, allowing them to express their individuality. Customers can mix and match accessories or purchase individual accessories to create their ideal custom bundle. Moreover, all accessory packs can be retrofitted on existing bikes as well.

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