2023 Volkswagen Amarok Returns In Fresh Teasers, Diesel V6 Confirmed!

VW Amarok is based on the Ford Ranger Platform

Volkswagen has teased a sketch of the 2023 Volkswagen Amarok, a pickup truck based on the new Ford Ranger. In the sketch posted on the VW Commercial Vehicles Twitter handle, a dual-tone Amarok is seen carrying a fair chunk of luggage while towing a snowmobile through wintry terrains. Even in winter and with hefty loads on, tough country roads or off-road terrain are no problem for the Amarok- reads the caption of the image.

The sketch, a dashboard view, reveals a rear-view of the pickup with prominent body claddings and squared wheel arches. The suspension has been raised, and the vehicle looks bulky. On the inside, a digital instrument cluster with Black- Blue theme, and a large Tesla-style display are expected.

VW is hoped to release to Amarok this Summer in Europe, and had stated that the pickup would come with a new design and multiple tech innovations.

As known previously, the 2023 VW Amarok will be underpinned by the new Ford Ranger chassis. The previous-gen Amarok did not turn out to be a great global success and the same has made VW Group enter into a partnership with Ford for developing the 2023 truck. 2023 Amarok would mostly be offered with Ford engines-6 cylinder diesel- V6 TDI (TDV6) and a twin-turbo 4 cylinder diesel. However, Volkswagen has not yet acknowledged/ confirmed these to be Ford-sourced. A 10-speed automatic transmission is expected on the truck.

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