2023 Yamaha FZS Colours Explained

The Yamaha FZS v4 comes with almost the same colours as the v3

As part of the latest update of the Yamaha portfolio for 2023, the company has launched the 4.0 version of the FZ S Fi with notable feature and styling upgrades. The FZ S is currently the only 150 cc motorcycle to have Traction Control (TCS). It also gets a new digital instrument cluster inspired by the outgoing MT15, with Bluetooth connectivity and OBD.

Coming to the visual changes, the new FZ S gets a revised headlamp with all LED lighting. The FZS V4 is available in 3 different colours: Metallic Grey, Majesty Red and Metallic Black. All these colours were available with the previous model (V3) as well. On the new bike, however, the colours seem to be better-complementing the refreshed design.

FZ S V 4.0
Image: 2023 Yamaha FZS V4 in Metallic Grey

2023 Yamaha FZS Colours: Metallic Grey

Metallic grey is out favourite among the three. It is sporty, subtle, and has a character of its own. Most of the exterior is painted grey, while some parts like the front fender, rear mud-guard, engine covers, and side panels, are given a glossy black shade. The FZ S logo on the Grey fuel tank is also seen in a dark black shade, above which graphics can be found in Black and Yamaha Blue. Edges of the air scoops on either side of the tank are chromed out, along with the front forks. Yamaha’s signature blue colour is given to the wheels to induce a sportier appeal.

FZ S V 4.0
Image: 2023 Yamaha FZS V4 in Majesty Red

2023 Yamaha FZS Colours: Majesty Red

Majesty red is another colour option of the Yamaha FZ S. This features a combination of deep Red with glossy Black and Golden wheels. The Black- Red combo is very striking. The top part of the motorcycle- fuel tank, seat , headlamps, and the rear panel are painted in Red. The side panels, engine covers, rear mud-guard, front fender, etc. are seen in dark glossy Black. Similar to the metallic Grey, the air scoops and forks are chromed. Wheels are Gold-painted. There are also decals in Gold atop the tank. The seat gets a Burgundy-like, darker shade of Red.

FZ S V 4.0
Image: 2023 Yamaha FZS V4 in Metallic Black

2023 Yamaha FZS Colours: Metallic Black

The metallic Black variant is the darkest colourway of the motorcycle. The majority of the bike’s exterior is painted in glossy dark Black. Most colours in the graphics, seat and wheels are retained from the Majesty Red scheme. The chrome parts are similar to that of the other two colour options. The prominence of Black complements the muscular, bulky exterior of the FZ S, in this paint scheme.

All three colour options are priced at Rs. 1,27,400 (ex-showroom)

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