5 Destinations In Kochi To Explore On Your Hunter 350 On World Tourism Day

Urban explorations get stronger with the Hunter 350

Royal Enfield is all about expeditions and World Tourism Day celebrates just the same. Most Royal Enfield owners and enthusiasts are highly passionate about travel and exploration. The brand addresses this customer urge very well and organizes many neatly knit ride events across India. Well, leave all those for the time being. Here’s something useful, should you have plans of exploring Kerala on your Royal Enfield.

We’ve handpicked five interesting destinations in Kochi, that you could ride around and experience on a Royal Enfield Hunter 350. Why are we so specific about the model? Well, most of these places are urbanscapes, or getting there involves tight city runs. In either case, the Hunter could excel with its quirky proportions and usable torque.

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(Before we begin: Reaching Kochi is easy. There are flights to Kochi International Airport (COK) from almost all major airports. The airport is 25 odd kilometers from the city center. Railways could be a cheaper and more strenuous alternative for the commute. All distances mentioned ahead, would be from the city centre.)

1. Athirappilly Falls

This is the largest waterfall in Kerala with an overall drop of over 80 feet! The waters of Chalakkudy River put up a magnificent show by cascading over a huge cliff and descending into a violent stream with a loud roar and mist. Reaching here is fun, as the route involves a lot of winding patches and hairpins, fenced by woods and wild streams. (You will love how the Hunter handles on these roads!) The falls are located at a distance of 60 odd kilometers from the city center, and getting there could take around 2 hours on a normal day. The best time to visit Athirappilly Falls is September-October, as the monsoons would bring about a better view than otherwise.

Attraction: Waterfalls
Distance from the city: 60-ish km
Estimated time of commute: 2 hours

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2. Jewish Synagogue And Jew Street

Jew street and the synagogue there rank among the most sought-after tourist spots in Kerala- due to their aesthetic and historic values. The place still houses multiple ‘Kochin Jews’ families- who are among the oldest Jews in India, with their roots dating back to King Solomon’s era. The Jewish synagogue in Kochi, also called the Paradesi synagogue, is the oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations. The place is also known for its antique and souvenir shops.

The Hunter 350 could be better than any other Royal Enfield motorcycle for getting to this place, as the roads here (and the street itself) are narrow and often densely populated. The Hunter’s short proportions and maneuverability will make it easier to commute here.

Attraction: Synagogue, Jew street and lives, shopping
Distance from city: 15 km
Estimated time of commute: 30 minutes

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3. Cherai Beach

This beautiful beach lies at the farther end of Vyppin island and offers great views all around. It is connected to the mainland through bridges, riding on which is a great experience. The views around are excellent. Cherai also lets you spot dolphins in their natural habitats. There is even the option of hiring a boat to the seas, for a better watch. The sunset is also a wonderful sight.

Attraction: Beach, sunset, dolphin spotting, seafood dining
Distance from City: 30 km
Estimated time of commute: 1 hour

4. Santa Cruz Basilica

One of the 8 Basilicas in the state, Santa Cruz is also among the most visited tourist places in Kochi. The place has historical significance and excels with its architecture. The edifice here is built in Gothic style.

Attraction: Basilica, architecture, culture
Distance from City: 15 km
Estimated time of commute: 45 minutes

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5. Mattanchery Palace

Also known by the name Dutch Palace, this Portuguese palace stands out with its architecture and historical significance. It gets quadrangular architecture with a center courtyard, as with any OG Kerala Nalukettu. This is quite a great place to be at and is therefore highly sought-after by tourists.

Attraction: Architecture
Distance from City: 15 km
Estimated time of commute: 40 minutes

Don’t hesitate to tour these places on your Hunter 350 the next time you’re in Kochi, if not on this World Tourism Day!

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