New BH Series Registration Debuts In India

The BH series registration will greatly benefit motorists who need to move between states in the course of time.

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) has introduced a new registration system for vehicles in the country. Called the Bharat Series (BH series), the new plates will greatly benefit many in the country. Originally proposed a few months back, this system has now been rolled out. The key benefit of this is that the vehicle owner would not have to re-register or have a new plate, when he/she moves to another state.

The BH series will have an all-new pattern. The plates here would read ‘YY BH XXXX AA’, where YY stands for the year of registration, BH signifies ‘Bharat’- the country of registration, XXXX would be a 4 digit number, and AA a set of two alphabets from AA to ZZ.

The BH series will, as per the MoRTH notification, be available on a voluntary basis to defense personnel, central and state government employees, and employees of private companies with offices in four or more states or union territories.

Alongside the new plate design, the BH series also has a revised road tax structure. MoRTH reveals that owners of the BH series will be able to pay road taxes for two years or in multiples of two. After the 14th year, the tax will be collected annually and the amount halved. The BH system will obviously benefit inter-state vehicle transfers and make the ownerships transparent and hassle-free.

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