Swades Actress Gayatri Joshi And Billionaire Husband Involved In Expensive Supercar Crash | Details

The actress and her husband have both survived with minor injuries

Indian actress Gayatri Joshi and her billionaire husband Vikas Oberoi were recently involved in a super-expensive car crash in Italy. Their Lamborghini Huracan crashed with a speeding Ferrari, on a narrow road in rural Italy. Both Gayatri and Vikas have survived with just minor injuries. A video of the crash has now gone viral on the internet, evoking mixed reactions from netizens and providing clear video documentation of the grievous crash.

To give you more context, Gayatri Joshi is a Bollywood actress who is quite loved for her work in the Shah Rukh Khan movie Swades. She is married to Vikas Oberoi, a hugely successful builder.

Gayatri Joshi, Vikas Oberoi Car Crash In Italy

This crash is said to have occurred during the Sardinia Supercar Tour, an event where supercar and sportscar owners drive their prized possessions from Teulada to Olbia, covering 1000+ kilometers over a couple of days.

According to the reports, the accident occurred on a narrow road in rural Sardinia (near San Giovanni Suergiu on State Road 195). The video shows a campervan, moving slowly ahead of the supercar convoy. The tailing convoy has many sportscars and supercars in various exciting colors. The campervan appears to be traveling at a much lower speed compared to these.

The cars are all trying to overtake the campervan. Gayatri and her husband were driving a Blue Lamborghini. The video shows a Yellow and Deep Blue Ferraris doing the overtake successfully, followed by a White Lamborghini. A guy from the ‘camera-car’ can be heard acknowledging the Lambo’s raw exhaust sound.


Soon after this, we see the actress’ Blue Lamborghini Huracan overtaking the camera car and tucking behind the campervan preparing for the overtake. Just as it began attempting the pass, we see a Red Ferrari Portofino M speeding in, and in a matter of milliseconds, crashed into the Blue Lambo, overturned, and caught fire killing its occupants. The entire action made the campervan topple as well.

Post the crash, Joshi’s Lamborghini seems to have taken much damage, but not much has been passed on to the occupants. Both Gayatri and Vikas are reported to be safe and have survived the crash with minor injuries- as confirmed by Oberoi.

More Details About the Ferrari- Lamborghini Crash In Italy

The Ferrari Portofino M that was involved in this crash had a senior couple from Switzerland- Melissa Krautli (63) and Markus Krautli (67). Since the car overturned and caught fire, there was no chance of them making it out alive. The campervan had a couple from Selva di Val Gardena, who survived with injuries and were soon given medical attention.

Reports say that the remains of all three vehicles have been seized and an investigation has been initiated on the incident.

Ferrari Lamborghini Crash It Italy: Who Is At Fault?

The video is quite explanatory about what happened. Going by the viral video footage, both supercar drivers are at fault- in two different ways. It was wrong of the Ferrari Portofino M driver to attempt the reckless high-speed overtake on the narrow road- especially when he knew the Lamborghini was in close proximity and could attempt the same. The video clearly shows how insanely the Portofino was accelerating at the time of the crash.

Swades Actress Gayatri Joshi And Billionaire Husband Involved In Expensive Supercar Crash | Details 1

The Indian Lamborghini on the other hand, seems guilty of not noticing/ neglecting the speeding Ferrari before initiating the overtaking sprint, and changing lanes. Further, the road on which the crash occurred, is a ‘no overtaking zone’, in which case additional charges might be put on all supercar drivers seen in the video, including the crashed ones.

Reports deny any potential criminal charges against the Lamborghini driver at this point. However, the incident has raised much public agitation against the event, in Italy.

Netizens React To Gayatri Joshi Lamborghini Crash

The video of this crash went viral on the internet even before the identities of drivers and associated details were revealed. The footage is generating mixed reactions from the online crowd. Most netizens blame the drivers for the mishap. Some of them re-emphasize the importance of proper driver training and healthy driving culture in comments, especially on Twitter. Also among the comments is the call for legal charges and sues.

More Violations In Sardinia Supercar Experience!

While the crash, fire and mishap have made headlines, this particular supercar experience event has had multiple violations and reckless driver behavior before the crash, according to online reports! Two Lamborghinis (unsure of the identities or any other details) are reported to have jumped a Red light at a traffic island. Various participants of the Supercar tour are also being accused of reckless driving, near frontal misses, and traffic violations. We are, however, unsure of the details or credibility of these.

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