Mercedes Benz Sales, Market Share, Growth And Business In Kerala Explained | February 2023

MB’s Santosh Iyer reveals why and how Kerala is a key market for the brand

Mercedes Benz has been consistently topping luxury car sales in India. With a vast product portfolio and unmatched brand reputation, Mercedes has outsmarted all other luxury players in pan-India sales. However, this German brand has a more promising presence in Kerala. In a recent interaction, MB’s present bossman Santosh Iyer gave out some key figures, info and details that explain the massive acceptance Mercedes enjoys in the state.

Mercedes Benz In Kerala: How It Was, Is And Would Be?

Kerala has always had a deep fondness for the three pointed star. Iyer reveals that there are more than 10,000 Mercedes Benz cars rolling on the roads of Kerala. The manufacturer has 6 outlets in the state, and employs over 400 people as well. In the luxury space, where the competition is very fierce, considering the fact that Kerala is a market with high buying potential, Mercedes enjoys a massive 44% market share!

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In the year 2022, when pan India sales recorded a growth of 41%, Kerala sales grew by as much as 59%! Mercedes Benz is slightly particular about their flagships and their acceptance. The ‘top end luxury cars’, as they fondly call these, have been recording handsome sales numbers in the country. In Kerala, these recorded 30% growth last year- indicating the huge purchase potential of the market, when pitted against the pan India number of 69%. Further, the manufacturer expects double digit growth this fiscal as well, as it has a clean array of launches incoming, alongside smarter retail plans.

Strengthening the retail experience further, Mercedes Benz recently inaugurated its first Integrated 3S Experience Center in Kochi- MB Coastal Star. The facility also acts as home for a powerful 180kW Ultrafast charger- ready for the exciting future EV portfolio from the brand.

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