Ford Could Team Up With Tata Motors For Its India Return!

Ford could bring EVs and hybrids to India…

Ford is coming back to India and here’s another interesting piece of information about the same! The latest reports suggest the mighty American manufacturer could be exploring the possibilities of a joint venture with Tata Motors for its re-entry into the domestic market.

The proposed joint venture is seen as a strategic step that could help Ford’s revival in India. The brand could launch a bunch of EVs and hybrid vehicles in the years to come, aligning with the Indian auto industry’s drift towards sustainable mobility.

Ford recently filed patent applications for a handful of vehicles, such as the new Ford Endeavour and Ford Mustang Mach-E, indicating its intention to take a holistic approach to the ‘India-return’. There are also rumors about the potential launch of a new mid-sized SUV, and a new compact SUV, one of which could be named the ‘Ecosport’ and could battle the Kias and Hyundais upon launch.

Ford coming back to india wth Endeavour 2024

Ford’s current manufacturing facilities, the Chennai plant in particular, are capable of producing EVs and hybrid vehicles in India, along with the global SUVs. These could thus, form the base of exports as well.

Ford and Tata Motors are yet to finalize/ announce the details of their partnership, but it is clear that both parties are keen to use each other’s strengths and capabilities for mutual benefits. Ford can learn a lot from Tata’s winning spree in the EV space.

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The Indian automotive market is highly competitive, with established players and relatively newbies battling each other for market share. Ford will have to solve a lot of puzzles such as changing consumer preferences, changing regulatory frameworks, and competitive pricing before it gets to enjoy its pie here!

As we await more news and updates to unfold around Ford’s India re-entry, we’re sure that this JV with Tata Motors could mark a new chapter in the history of India’s automotive industry…

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Source: The Hindu Business Line