EV Startup GT Force Unveils 3 Electric Two-Wheelers

GT Force has unveiled a promising electric motorcycle prototype

Indian EV Startup GT Force unveiled three electric two-wheeler models at 2021 EV India Expo, in Greater Noida. The lineup includes two electric scooters (one slow speed and the other high speed) and an electric motorcycle prototype.

GT Drive and GT Drive Pro, the two e-scooters introduced by the company, are for smart urban commute. GT Drive is a high-speed model that can go as fast as 60 km/h and has a range of 150 KM. It draws its power from a Lithium-ion battery pack and has three drive modes on offer- eco, standard, and turbo. Cruise control will also mark its presence on the scooter.

GT Drive Pro, is a slow-speed EV, pitched as a partner for shorter commutes. On a single charge, it can run 75 KM and the top speed is just 25 km/h. It comes with both Lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

The third product unveiled was an electric motorcycle prototype. It is expected to launch in H2, 2022. No further details are known yet. However, the design seems promising enough.

GT Force is actively expanding its dealer outreach in the country and currently has over 100 dealerships spread across 80 cities.

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