All-electric HOP LEO and HOP LYF Launched, Two More Electric Scooters Coming

HOP Electric Mobility is also working on an electric motorbike.

Electric mobility startup HOP launched two electric two-wheeler models in the country- the HOP LYF and HOP LEO. The manufacturer has also revealed its plans of launching at least 5 electric vehicles by the end of this fiscal. Two more electric scooters and an all-electric motorbike are known to be part of this vision.


HOP LEO gets offered in three different variants- LEO Basic, LEO, and LEO Extended. The EV is powered by a dual 2X Li-ion battery pack and offers a top speed of 60 km/h. At 125 kilometers, the range figure is quite reassuring as well. The LEO Extended has slight tweaks in its mechanicals and can produce up to 2700W. The HOP LEO price starts at INR 72,500.


HOP LYF is the cheaper offering from the manufacturer and is also available in three different variants- LYF Basic, LYF, and LYF Extended. The LYF also gets powered by a dual 2X lithium-ion battery pack and a motor that offers power of up to 2000W in the Extended variant. While the range figures remain the same as the HOP LEO (125 km), this electric scooter has a top speed of just 50 km/h. Prices of the HOP LYF start at INR 65,500.

Both the LEO and LYF are products of some hardcore R&D done by HOP Mobility. Both these vehicles share the same 72V architecture and feature high-performance motors, essentially meaning that they could climb significant ascents with ease, carrying up to 180 kilograms. These two wheelers have 19.5 liters of storage, various connectivity features, side stand sensor, park assist, reverse gear and selectable ride modes among various other modern day features.

HOP Electric Mobility as mentioned before, is also working on an electric motorbike called HOP OXO 100. This offering is known to come with a top speed of up to 100 km/h and range figures of 100 kilometers as well.

Up Ahead…

HOP currently has a 40,000 square-feet manufacturing plant on Jaipur which can produce 50,000 units an annum, expandable up to 1 lakh units, if the wish be. The brand is now planning to set up another facility in South India which upon completion, will manufacture up to 5 lakh units every year. The EV startup has also revealed that it is working on a battery swapping network called ‘Hop Energy Network’, similar to what Hero and Gogoro had recently announced. HOP is currently testing this network in Jaipur, as the pilot network consisiting of 5 swapping stations and 50 batteries had started functioning here in January 2021.