Kerala RTO Refuses To Register Brand-New Jawa 42 Bike, Says Its Colour Goes Against The Rules!

The ‘Galactic Green’ shade of this Jawa 42 bike has apparently put its owner in trouble!

One of the Jawa 42 customers from the southern end of the nation has now run into trouble registering his bike; the credits be to Ernakulam RTO, who seems to have a phenomenal eye for distinguishing colours!

The incident took place in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, recently. The place’s RTO refused to register the brand- new Jawa 42 bike, claiming that its Galactic Green shade seems to mimic the military-reserved ‘Olive-Green’ and thus goes against the law! The owner had let the world know of his plight through the social media right away and we got a more detailed picture of the same from a video report by Pilot On Wheelz, a leading vernacular YouTube channel.

This is the first time that Classic Legends-owned Jawa faces such a trouble in the country. Ever since their Indian re-entry back in November 2018, the manufacturer has been selling fair numbers nationwide. They have sold notable numbers of the bike finished in Galactic Green and have so far had no trouble elsewhere. (Seems like the RTO in question, has tad too sharp a sense of sight and colour, must be a pilot on vacation!)

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Royal Enfield, another key player in the segment, also offers a similar shade of green on the Classic range.(we have attached a pair of Royal Enfield Classic and Jawa 42 images herewith for your reference) None of their customers have so far reported a similar issue registering their ‘Battle green’ coloured bikes under this RTO.

The owner took no further delay in reporting the problem to Mr Ashish Joshi, CEO at Classic Legends, who did respond promptly to the grievance. The authorities soon met the RTO and got things sorted the right way. In a follow-up message, Mr Joshi explained the entire scenario to the troubled owner.

As Mr Joshi puts it: “We have met the RTO and are addressing his problem. To be honest, he wanted a bike delivered without waiting for it and we refused. Hence he is trying to create hassle. In the next 2-3 days all documents pertaining to colour will be handed over so that he cannot hassle our customers or us again.”

So now you know what was cooking under the pilot in disguise’s eye…

Jawa currently offers five other interesting shades for the Jawa 42. Their current lineup includes the Jawa Classic and Jawa 42, and are heard to launch the macho-looking Jawa Perak soon in India.

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