Komaki Electric Scooters Ramps Up Production In Delhi NCR

Komaki electric scooters have recently been having immense market traction

Electric scooter manufacturer Komaki has been around for quite a while, with an interesting product range. Having their presence marked in different parts of the nation, Komaki electric scooters have lately been in huge demand. The manufacturer discloses that over 21,000 units have so far been sold in 2021. Considering the rocketing demands, and the fast-approaching festive season, Komaki is now gearing up to hike the production at its Delhi NCR plant.

The Komaki manufacturing facility had recently been subjected to major expansions and improvements. Spread across several acres of land, it will now be pushed to produce 8500 units a month from the current monthly figures of 4500 units, marking a significant hike of 4000 units. Plus, the manufacturer is also keenly expanding its dealer outreach and service network for ensuring smoother deliveries and ownerships. The current network of 300 dealerships is envisioned to go up to 500 in the time ahead. The brand has a significant presence in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Rajasthan.