KULR: The Battery Tech Company That ‘Beat Tesla To Mars!’

San Diego-based tech company teases new revolutionary battery tech

With the EV space booming with products and revolutionary technologies, there exist immense opportunities for deep researches and radical inventions. A San Diego-based firm recently teased us with something that could be ground-breaking for the EV future. KULR Technology Group Inc conducted virtual event on September 21, 2021, teasing a battery technology thereby, potent enough to revolutionize EVs.

KULR is in essence, a company specializing in the commercial development and production of high-performance thermal management tech for electronics, batteries and the like. With batteries being the heart and soul of EVs, they are already a multi-billion dollar market, and KULR has plans of having their footprint marked in the same.

The tech firm is apparently working on some high-performance battery technology with high thermal efficiency and teased the same via the virtual event. Expected to hit the markets sometime in H1, 2021, KULR’s new battery platform backed by ‘CellCheck’ would be smart enough to check charge cycles, excess heat/cold events, vibration, pressure etc and in turn bring about the highest possible performance with the overall efficiency untouched. The entire tech will be based on the existing Lithium-ion batteries. It will be possible for the cells of this tech to be examined optically for cosmetic defects, and dimensional and capacity variations can also be monitored. The system will also test the cells via a capacity cycle and upload the results to the company’s Cloud. KULR spokesperson also stated that the customers would have access to this cloud as well.

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KULR reveals that the product will have the safest passive propagation resistant packaging. A sweet testimony of this would be the fact that this technique was used by NASA in 2019 to transport batteries to the International Space Station.

The battery market is expected to grow up to five times in the upcoming 10-15 years. KULR is evidently gearing up to milk the maximum out of this boom. In another incident, NASA had incorporated KULR’s Carbon fiber structure-based battery systems into the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover program. CEO Michael Mo’s words on this were: “We are proud to say that we beat Tesla Inc to Mars” Hidden implications here? Pun intended? Well, we will see…

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