Lamborghini Teases New Model, Could It Be The Aventador Final Version?

With the reveal scheduled for July 7, 2021, here is what we know

Words: Surya

Lamborghini has teased us with an image that hints at an upcoming product unveil on July 7, 2021. The image has evoked speculations that it could be the highly anticipated new Aventador (which is rumored to be the final edition as well) that is coming, but the company is yet to give out any details of the same.

The teaser shows silhouettes of two cars with headlights that are highly similar to those of the Aventador, which makes us think that the car in question could be the Aventador facelift. Recent reports have suggested that the upcoming Aventador could also be the final edition, whose replacement later, would have a hybrid powertrain.

Multiple reports on the internet suggest that the new car would be called Lamborghini Aventador SJ (abbreviation for S Jota). With a 6.5L V12 engine, it is expected to churn out around 780 hp, beating the current SVJ by more than 10 horsepower. Rumors also claim that Lamborghini would only produce a limited number of units of this model, 700 to be specific.

Earlier spy pictures had revealed that the new car would not have a rear wing, and the rear glass panels would give the perfect view of the raging V12 engine. However, the rear bumper and exhaust tips seem to be similar ones like those on the SVJ. Fingers crossed, let’s wait till 7th July for the official reveal…

Lamborghini Teases New Model, Could It Be The Aventador Final Version? 2
Lamborghini Aventador S

A Bit More On The Aventador…

The Aventador has been a highly sought-after supercar from the manufacturer. Originally launched in 2011, over 10,000 units of the Aventador have been manufactured to date. The coupe, roadster and SVJ versions of the Aventador are on sale in India. The nameplate has found places in multiple celebrity garages as well, among the notable recents is Bahubali fame Prabhas’s Aventador S roadster in ‘Arancio Atlas’. You might also remember us telling you about an SVJ that had recently surfaced in the pre-worshipped space at BBT and also bears the title of being the most expensive used car here, with its 5.75 crore tag!