Lamborghini Specials – Invencible And Autentica Are One-Off Tributes To The Mighty NA V12

The 6.5L NA V12 engine can produce 780hp and 720Nm!

Italian supercar marquee’s association with the legendary V12 engines started with the iconic 1963 Lamborghini 350 GT. Lamborghini made its way to the top by building some of the meanest and most powerful automobiles in history. The brand and the mammoth V12 engine have a special bond since the 350 GT. They produced some of the most powerful cars in the world with this high revving, smooth power delivering engine- like the Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murciélago, Aventador, Centenario, Sian and Huracán EVO RWD Spyder. But the modern world is much more inclined towards the well-being of the environment than the adrenaline rush offered by the 12 cylinders. As the emission norms and sound regulations are getting stricter every day, these gas-guzzling mills are meeting their sunsets. Lamborghini is paying their tribute to the V12s through two one-offs, the Lamborghini Invencible coupe and Autentica roadster. These might actually be the last Lamborghinis to house a NA V12 in it, as the company is all set to unveil its first hybrid sports car in the upcoming weeks.

Lamborghini Invencible and Autentica are built on the 12-year-old Aventador platform. Both these models have taken design inspiration from multiple Lamborghini V12 nameplates, like the ultra-rare Reventon and Veneno. Both the cars have a similar-looking hood, a pronounced front splitter and vertical struts which could have probably be taken from the track-only Essenza SCV12. The rear wing on the Invencible has a fair resemblance to the lightweight hypercar Sesto Elemento.

Both cars are built in carbon fibre in order to lose weight. Another interesting fact is that the centrally mounted triple exhausts in both cars have tips made out of Inconel, a high-performance nickel-chromium alloy that is known for its excellent resistance to corrosion and high temperature. The Invencible comes in the bright cherry red Rosso Efesto and the Autentica in a Grigio Titans theme.

The interior is as minimalistic as it could be. The company states that these machines are designed specifically for pure driving enjoyment. The air vents are 3D printed and no infotainment systems are present inside the latest Lamborghini duo.

Lamborghini Specials - Invencible And Autentica Are One-Off Tributes To The Mighty NA V12 3

The Aventador-based Invencible and Autentica are underpinned by a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and host a 6.5L NA V12 engine that can produce 780hp and 720Nm. The 7-speed ISR (Independent Shifting Rod) transmission sends the power to all four wheels. Both the cars are expected to clock a top speed of 355 kmph and have a zero to 100 kmph time of around 2.8s, although no official figures of the same haven’t been revealed yet. These supercars are expected to be priced at around $500,000 USD.

Except for a few, most auto manufacturers are getting ready to part ways with the V12 engines soon. Even the Italian supercar maker Ferrari is finding it hard to make more cars with this engine. But they also said that they would fight for this engine, as it possesses so much potential. You can see more images of these Lamborghini specials here.

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